Who is ready for some football?  Game day fuels emotions and fun festivities, whether college or pro we love to watch the games!  Just be sure not to let the distractions of tailgating or friendly get-togethers lead you to disregard safety issues.  Before putting on your favorite jersey and cracking open the cold brew, keep these tips in mind:

·         Be sure your grill is placed at a great distance from your vehicle and patrons

·         Have a fire extinguisher on hand when grilling; a multi-purpose extinguisher is best

·         Follow all rules posted at any tailgating site

·         Wash hands when handling food; be sure to have water, sanitizers or wet towels for the tailgate

·         Be sure to separate raw meat and poultry from other foods to prevent contact and the chance of food poisoning

·         Pack enough ice!  Be sure cold foods stay cold to keep from spoiling

·         Make sure you fully extinguish hot coals of a charcoal grill before putting back in a vehicle

·         Always bring plenty of trash bags; dispose of your garbage before you leave

·         Keep all valuables with you, such as phones, wallets, purses, etc.  Or be sure to lock them away and out of view.  Thieves like to exploit the distractions of game day fun to steal

·         Be vigilant with all of the increased pedestrian traffic when driving on our around a campus or near a stadium.  You may be paying attention but others may not!

·         Confirm that someone will drive you home before even considering drinking alcohol. Even if you have only had a couple of drinks it is NEVER a smart move to drive while impaired

·         Celebrate your team, but keep those activities in the stands – It is never a good idea or safe to rush the field.  Also, be courteous to other fans in the stands while enjoying the game

Crowded campuses and sports venues will produce MANY tailgating activities every weekend this fall.  Make your game day experience memorable and SAFE!

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