Tis the season when we frantically have to juggle everyday things with the added stress of Christmas decorating and shopping!  Try not to let it get you down; after all, it is “the most wonderful time of the year” right? Just imagine how simply amazing a positive attitude can motivate you and all of those around you this holiday season!  Try these easy things to perk up your spirits and get in a festive mood that will be contagious.

Mail out some Christmas Cards!  How can you not get some spirit sparked while sorting through those glittered covered and sparkling cards to mail to your favorite people?  Even if you have to go buy more, the brightly decorated stores will also help your mood!  ALSO: give cards to strangers!  A great suggestion is a local retirement home.

If you have not started, get that Decorating done!  And by decorating, think about not only your home but also your office and most important — YOURSELF!  Wear a tacky Christmas sweater or jingle bell necklace, the looks you get will be of sheer holiday happiness!  Go ahead and put up some mistletoe at home.  If you have a faux tree, go buy some real tree spray and get your home smelling like Christmas!

Play some Christmas Music!  Admit it!  We all have a favorite (or three or five!) Christmas song that puts us in the spirit! Get out your CD collection or crank up the radio.  Be sure and SING OUT LOUD, especially with the kiddos!

Watch Christmas Movies!  No better way of making things happy and bright than sitting around the TV with family and friends watching classic Christmas movies!  Whether a fan of the old classics or modern comedies, pop some popcorn and watch away! Don’t forget to catch the kids classics, they are sure to put holiday cheer on your kids faces!

Bake a Holiday Dessert!  Bake something that reminds you of the season.  That smell of freshly baked sugar cookies for Santa will no doubt heighten your holiday senses!  You can establish traditions with your children through these simple baking moments that they will cherish and pass on!

Do some Shopping!  Some say shopping is what causes most stress…. Just relax!  Start out slow and just window shop.  Make some lists.  But then get out there and have fun picking out those special things for the special people in your life!  That holiday spirit is waiting everywhere so get your shopping on!

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