Planning to travel?  Thinking about renting a car?  Just a little knowledge about auto insurance could preserve your peace of mind and save you money. Before considering that rental car, consult with your insurance agent and check your policy for coverage, limits and deductible amounts.  You may be able to save money by declining the insurance offered by the rental company if your own policy provides the coverage you need.  Just remember:  Your local, independent insurance agent can help you evaluate your coverage needs and make sure there are no surprises in store for you in case of an accident!  Call us here at Snipes Insurance today!


If you are involved in an accident while driving your rental car, you could be liable for damage to the auto and any resulting injuries. You could also be responsible for the rental agency’s lost income from a damaged car.  In addition, you may be responsible for losses other than collision, such as fire, theft or vandalism, while the rental is in your possession.


Drivers already named on your personal auto policy may be covered for use of a rental car within the United States. However, if the rental contract limits who can drive the vehicle, be aware of the restrictions and act accordingly. Some personal auto policies are subject to the language of the rental contract, so you may not be covered if you let someone else drive the vehicle.  And also keep in mind if you don’t have an auto policy of your own, the rental company’s insurance may be your only option.


Some personal auto policies cover collision losses to rental cars only if you already have collision coverage on your owned autos, subject to the policy deductible.


Purchasing an umbrella policy can further protect your interests by increasing your liability coverage. The umbrella also may extend your coverage territory beyond that of your auto policy. However, when traveling abroad, you may need to purchase the insurance offered by the rental company, because foreign countries may not recognize your U.S. policy.

As you prepare to travel, take time to assure that the right auto coverage is in place; then — relax and enjoy your trip!

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