Oh the magic of Halloween, with the mystery of faces covered with masks or toddlers dressed in cute costumes!  The trick-or-treating and family trips to the local corn maze…. What fun!  There can be a fine line between fun and safety, especially when it comes to road and pedestrian safety on trick-or-treat nights.  We want to make sure you have a safe and fun time.

Ghoulishly Good Tips to Stay Safe:

  • Keep a close watch for kids on roadways, medians and curbs – BE CAREFUL
  • A parent or responsible adult should ALWAYS accompany young children on neighborhood streets
  • If older children are going, plan and review where they will be so it is acceptable to the parents; and stay in touch with them
  • Make specific times when children are to return home
  • Be sure to only go to homes where a porch light is on; and NEVER enter a home or a car for treats
  • Keep heads up and walk, never run
  • Be sure to have some kind of bright clothing or shining object for when the evening gets darker; fasten reflective tape to costumes or bags
  • Make sure to go in familiar and well-lit areas
  • Instruct kids to NEVER eat any treats until they return home and an adult can inspect the goodies for safety

Happy Halloween – Have Fun!

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