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Intelligent Business Solutions We provide employers with personalized compliance help as well as our powerful HR software system to improve HR efficiency, reduce risk of audits, and lower the costs of administration. By allowing administrators to enter and modify information at a single point of access, errors are reduced and all departments share accurate and up-to-date information.

How can we help you? We help owners and administrators make the day-to-day tasks of Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Compliance and Payroll easier and more cost effective.

  • Streamline Payroll, Compliance, and Benefits Planning

  • Avoid Governmental Penalties

  • Secure, Role-Based Access for Sharing and Storing Information

Human Resource Management System All services within the system are offered on an a-la-carte basis which allows owners and HR administrators to use only the applications they need.

  • Employee Onboarding System

  • Employer Portal

  • Employee Portal

Give us a call at 800-849-8032 for a comprehensive insurance review or request a quote online.

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