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Know the answers. With over 25 years of working on compliance related issues for group health plans and related benefits, new regulations or their relationship with existing ones don’t worry us. We understand how each client is unique, what the questions are and how to best answer each one for your best interest.

Protect and Defend We do something none of our competitors do: we stand behind our advice. When we give you guidance and you follow it, we hold our clients harmless and indemnify them against potential litigation or regulatory fines that could potentially be awarded by a judge or an agency.

Anticipate what’s coming next. We’ve lead the way, helping our clients be ready and as worry free as possible by knowing the people writing the rules and learning what they really want when it comes to staying complaint. It’s kept us confident as new issues or “strategies” seek to bend the rules.

How can we help you? It’s Not Good Enough to Educate – We Do The Work

ACA For nearly six years, anticipating regulations, expectations and mandates and guiding our clients through the minefield ahead ERISA Knowing how to best assist our clients with the complex and evolving rules impacting employee benefit plans from IRS, DOL & HHS as well as the EEOC Audits and Investigations Being there when the regulators call to assess compliance or to inquire about some act or failure to act impacting a plan participant.

Notices Industry leading information to provide day one information to your employees that satisfy the entire list of notices from Medicaid to COBRA and Marketplace Communication Being first to communicate changes and helping our clients know how to react to the latest delay or shift in deadlines or applying new guidance

Give us a call at 800-849-8032 for more information or request a quote online.

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