Cheers to another year – Welcome 2017!  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  Is it just me or is time flying by? Now is that time for setting our intentions for the coming year and how we want to change some things to make our lives better this year!  Do you have your resolutions ready?

First things first – Do not set your New Year goals so HIGH.  Try some baby steps!  Here are some tips for those of you wanting to live well in 2017!

1.       Be Kind to Yourself: Don’t be so strict and hard on yourself when trying to stick to your resolutions.  Think of this: without failure there would be no success!   You may get off track, but you can sure steer yourself back.  Forgive some failures.  Think about how and why you failed and visualize your success!  You have a whole year to get those resolutions done!  And be sure to make some revisions along the way if needed; that may help you stick to them.

2.       Get Honest with Yourself: Take a deep look within and decide what really needs some work.  What has been working well for you, and what has not? Try making one or two specific goals rather than 10!  So be honest, what is that one thing that will get you going in the right direction? Get real with yourself and choose a healthier you!

3.       Eat those vegetables: Seriously.  Make eating your vegetables a priority to getting on a healthy track for yourself.  Sure you can choose to work out more or go on a trendy diet, just make sure vegetables are a part of it.  They are a BIG key to achieving weight goals.

4.       Decrease added sugar:  Oh in the real world this one is hard!  If you are not mindful of what you are eating and paying attention to the ingredients in the food you put into your body, you easily could be taking in so much added sugar that you might as well have an IV drip of sugar added to you!  Funny, but seriously, it can get out of hand.  Diabetes and metabolic related diseases are rampant and killing us so if you want to live longer keep this tip in mind at every bite!

5.       Sleep and water:  Yep, you read that right!  These two things are a great foundation for good health!  Problem is they fall through the cracks of our everyday living.  Getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night can be a game changer to being healthier.  And however much water you might currently be drinking each day, INCREASE IT.  Gradually add more and more water every single day.  Sleep and drink water.  Easy right?

6.       ENJOY EVERYTHING: Resolutions end up not working because we force ourselves down a path that doesn’t make us happy.  We can feel deprived.  We end up breaking under pressure.  Take eating vegetables: if you don’t like kale, don’t eat it!  Find other ones or experiment with different flavors to your liking.  Don’t like to run?  Then do something you look forward to!  Dancing? Basketball?  Riding a bike?  ENJOY WHAT YOU DO!  Oh, and be sure to LAUGH a lot!  You can make the process of healthy living enjoyable.  Imagine that?!

Just move in the right direction.  Let everything fall in to place.  Be a healthy and happy you this year!  Make those baby steps towards taking care of yourself every day!


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